NOCTURN Digital Extreme Low-Light CMOS Camera – Surveillance Imaging for 24/7 Lighting Conditions.

Get software and drivers for XS and XL models, downloads, solutions, documentations and other online support in this page:

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Software & Drivers for XS and XL
For other models , software and drivers are sent with your camera, if you need to download again please contact us
GUI INSTALLER (For camera firmware version later than NOCTURNXL_ControlGUI_ER_1_3_7.exe
GUI INSTALLER (For older camera firmware versions) : NOCTURN_XL_Evaluation
User Guides

NOCTURN XS specifications:
NOCTURN XL specifications:
NOCTURN MD specifications:
NOCTURN U3 specifications:
NOCTURN GP specifications:
NOCTURN HD-SDI specifications: